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Tofu Beet Teriyaki [Mar. 1st, 2008|09:37 pm]
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This was particularly yummy!

I started out slicing some ginger and garlic, which is what I usually do when I'm making rice. For this, I used some country rice blend that I had along with some leftover short grain brown rice. I brought some sesame oil to smoke point and then tossed the ginger and garlic in, turning off the heat and covering it while I sliced the last of my leftover leek and a bit of red onion. When that was ready, I removed the lid and added the leeks and onions. Then I brought the temp up again and added the rice, sautéing lightly before putting it in the steamer to soak in veggie bouillion. Once it was properly soaked, I put some sliced golden beets in the tray above the rice to steam all together and turned it on.

While the rice was soaking, I got my polenta ready for the next day, but that's in the next entry. After I was done with the polenta, I prepared my stir-fry. I used red, yellow, and green bell peppers, because they came in a variety pack and I loves them. I also sliced up about half a brick of firm tofu and broke out the last of my green beans. I didn't start the stir-fry until the rice and beets were done cooking. That's because stir-fry is so dadgum quick! Again, I brought the sesame oil up to smoke point. Then I tossed in the tofu and stirred continuously because it's notorious for sticking. Then I removed the tofu, because I don't have a wok and was using a medium sized saucepan, and threw in the peppers. Once they got cooked, I removed them and threw in the green beans. When they changed to a bolder green, I threw the rest of the ingredients back in and used Soy Vey brand tropical teriyaki sauce. For fun, I threw in some crushed red peppers in soybean oil.

Once the rice was done, I removed the beets and threw them in the stir-fry, mixing them until well coated in the teriyaki goodness! This was the result. Isn't it beautiful?

The next day, I had leftovers. I didn't have any veggies left, but still had a ton of rice. That being the case, I decided on fried rice! I had some frozen stir-fry veggie mix in the fridge, so I broke it out and got about a handful or so of water chestnuts, baby corn, bamboo shoots, snap peas, and edamame. I brought a little sesame oil up to smoke point and threw in the rice and veggies. Voilá! Fried rice!