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Cthulhu Chili with Polenta [Mar. 1st, 2008|11:13 pm]
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That's right, Cthulhu Chili! Packed with tentacley goodness!

So this started because of some chili I made before I moved to Denver. I had gotten some dried pintos out and soaked them overnight, but after draining and rinsing them, it was a couple of days before I got back to them. Much to my surprise, they sprouted! I would have expected that from newer beans, but these had been sitting around for a long time. Not to mention they were commercially sold cheapie beans. But it worked!

This batch, I made with Anasazi beans, which I'd never even seen before. I bought them on a whim. I sprouted them to get their enzymes and nutrients activated. Then I cooked them with some veggie bouillion in a crock pot very slowly. They never got to boiling, so they probably still have a lot of those nutrients and enzymes intact. Then I added several minced cloves of garlic and let them sit in the pot for a while. Now and then I'd add more stuff. I didn't have any pre-made chili powder, so I just made my own based on ingredient list I'd seen on a jar of Mexene. I also added one of my (not-so) secret ingredients, instant coffee. I also like to add cocoa powder, but I didn't have any. I had some Cholula brand chili lime seasoning, but didn't use very much of it. I did, however, add some toasted cumin, coriander, and crushed red peppers that I toasted and ground up in my mortar. I threw in a dash of black pepper and some Indian powdered chili. Then I sliced up a serrano pepper and diced a chunk of red onion. For a little something extra, I threw in some TVP (textured vegetable protein).

I'd give more exact measurements, but really, this is something that every person has different tastes on and everyone can make their own chili based on my (or anyone else's) recipe.

So once that got to a more cooked point, I pulled out the polenta to bake. I prepared it the day before while my rice was soaking. I used two cups of veggie bouillion and a cup of corn meal. For kicks, I threw in two dashes of lemon pepper (that stuff can be strong) and several dashes of the Cholula chili lime seasoning. I had a paper tray that came in an Amy's frozen dinner that I figured would be just the right size. Sure enough, it was exactly the size I needed! Once I put it in the tray, I put the tray in the fridge until the chili was ready enough. When it was ready, I pulled the polenta out, smeared some oil on a plate, and put the polenta face-down on it. I left the paper tray on for baking purposes. I didn't have to grease the tray because it was designed not to cling to food, and sure enough, before baking the polenta, I could remove the tray with ease and nothing stuck to it. I baked it at 300 for about 45 minutes while the chili was finishing up.

I also added a can of diced tomatoes and a small can of tomato paste. Tomatoes are about the only veggie I hardly ever buy fresh. This is because they're likely to go bad before I use them and putting them in the fridge changes them. It's actually recommended that you keep them at room temperature. I only buy them fresh if I'm going to use them for something specific and very soon. Especially if I'm showing off!

So there you have it, sprouted beans, waving their tentacles around on an island of non-Euclidian polenta, with enough spicy heat to drive the normal person mad! Better eat it before it eats me!

Yes, I am an H.P. Lovecraft fan...

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[User Picture]From: bite_my_bento
2010-09-15 09:27 pm (UTC)
WTF are you talking about? What does freakin' Harry Potter have to do with my cooking? I don't even like Harry Potter! The H.P. in my post is Howard Phillips Lovecraft who was a horror author in the 1920's and wrote a series of stories based on a giant monster with a squid head named Cthulhu. If you're some kind of spam bot, you need to update your programming so that you can be more accurate and maybe actually sell something.

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